Tiny Teacher Trove

My background is in education and the fact of the matter is, everything we do is some form of teaching or learning. We are walking around ‘unawares’ of the impact we are having on an almost daily basis. We don’t necessarily have to find ourselves heading a classroom or sitting in an auditorium. Let’s see now, you could be helping a nephew with his homework, showing your sibling how to fill out an application, guiding your child through a coursework project, starting a lifelong learning journey yourself or even critiquing your neighbour’s garden! The point is that there is no reason why you can’t find brilliant ways to help you. Whether you are teaching or learning (and let’s face it you’re likely doing both), I’ll be compiling a small list here of some of the coolest ways to do either. I’ve picked up many different and ingenuously ways, from the simple to the strange, to make the processes of teaching and learning a beautiful thing! Welcome to the  Tiny Teacher Trove =)



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