The Tiny Book Club

The Classics

The thing is this is a generalisation, and we both know it don't we? What we actually mean is "Old Stuff". In this supersonic digital age, it doesn't take long before something is considered "classic" in some sense. This is not an academic look at the scholarly definition of classic literature but for a mid-range look … Continue reading The Classics

Days of Sugar and Spice

By Loic Clement (Illustrated by Anne Montel) I must admit, I have been thinking of trying on the comic book genre for a while now. Could it be because they seem to be a good way to get a colourful literary fix with the added bonus of getting the old grey matter going by figuring … Continue reading Days of Sugar and Spice

Bleak House

By Charles Dickens. Is it fair to say approaching any Dickens work can feel a little daunting? Even the less lengthy tales can, merely by virtue of their author, be regarded with an air of intimidation. These unholy symptoms can often be exacerbated when one's 'spare time' is gauged in minutes rather than hours so it … Continue reading Bleak House

Sunshine Blogger Award

My first one people and in true form and fashion, I have a speech prepared! Ahem ahem, "Oh wow! Where do I begin? Well, first and foremost, I'd like to thank my..." "GET OFF THE STAGE!!" ...tumbleweed awkwardness... But honestly, I am genuinely honoured to be recognised at all! When I read the Sunshine Blogger … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award