There are avid readers, book lovers, literature masters and then straight up Bibliopbages! Then there is us. We people who, like star-crossed lovers dream of sitting in an orchard, book in hand, venturing deep within its sheets. Ready, willing and able to hand over our hearts to any character that’ll have us! But we’re quickly wrenched back into the real world by a child pulling at our trouser leg, a boss demanding weekly figures or an ever-pressing assignment deadline. Whatever it is, sometimes life has a way of pushing the simpler pleasures WAY down the bottom of our to-do list! What to do then?

Here’s a crazy idea, How about, you MAKE TIME?! That’s where The Tiny Bookery comes in. Here, we’ll move at a much slower pace. We’ll take our time to savour what gluttonous fresh-faced bibliophiles are wolfing down and burping up before we can say “boo!”.  Check out some tips below on trying to free up some extra time…

Join The Tiny Book Club- chime in with your thoughts on what we’re reading. Read at your own pace and stick to your routine without pressure of needing to clock-in! Make book suggestions and recommendations sending links etc to other interesting recommendations and reviews is always welcome.

Have a look at what’s going on over in the Lit-Sit section. Literary events, festivals, signings and sales could be happening closer to you than you think! Is there an event happening that’s not listed? Let me know and I’ll get it up here.

Are you a budding creative writer yourself or know somebody with a talent? Maybe you could get a piece published on this site over in The Everyday Review section. I’d love to get your work a tiny acclaim 😉

If like me, you have an academic interest in literature too, head over to The Academooks and see what’s what. And as always, feel free to add your thoughts and new discoveries to the debates that interest you.

And finally, to misquote a literary giant, though we be but tiny, we are fierce. Welcome to The Tiny Bookery!



  1. Wake up an hour earlier.
  2. Take a book to lunch rather than chatty-Matty or working through your break.
  3. Read on your commute if you have one even if it’s 15 minutes.
  4. Go to bed sooner! Yep, curl up in bed an hour sooner and fall asleep reading.
  5. Keep a copy of th book with you during car runs and appointments where there will be sitting around waiting time.
  6. Have a page goal and stick to it. Even if it’s just a few, be consistent and the routine will soon have you hitting your stride.
  7. Divert your tendency to overindulge in t.v, YouTube, iplayer, Netflix, Hulu, Prime and so on.

Got any more? Let me know down below.



One thought on “About

  1. I always have a book or kindle with me.Even those 10 minutes waiting outside school gate or for my girls to finish their activities count……and they are far more enjoyable then cheap chat gossips😉😀

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