At the wedding

I don’t like them. Please don’t get me wrong, I love the celebration of togetherness and commitment and love and all that other colourful stuff that goes with them. But I can witness all that beauty from the comfort of my own home via endless technological means in my P.J’s. The truth is, they are just too long these days. And if you’re from an eastern cultural background you’ll know EXACTLY what I’m talking about! There are a good 15 different celebrations and honestly, one hopes that the couple will remain intact by the end of them. I’ll just get crushed at one of these shindigs.

But even little ol’ me cannot get away with excusing myself from every single one that comes my way. On this occasion, my reclusive plans were thwarted by my lifelong buddy, who sent me the invite by special delivery. It was an important occasion for reasons I can’t even start to go into here, but the long and short of it is, I ended up at there. I did, however, make good on this trip…That’s right people… I came into some Class A literature!

*To read in thick Californian accent* So, I have this like friend who’s like totally into the literary scene and works in publishing and reads in his sleep? And, like, he was going to be there and I totally asked him to hook me up with some awesome reads that I knew he’d mix up so I’d have no idea if they’d send me on an upper or a downer? Which, because he’s like the best dude ever, he legit provided and I was all like “Woooaaa!” Check out the stash he brought to the party


*…Back to standard accent…* See, a real mixed bag! Of the pile, I am most excited about getting around to the Diaz, Gay and Morrison, but I am genuinely intrigued by the Ahmad as it’s a YA Arab fantasy with Islamic influence which is not something I can say I’ve ever read before. One could perhaps mention the Arabian Nights but that’s perhaps possibly only a cultural connection rather than anything else I think. What do you think?

You might think this was enough to make the matrimonial shenanigans all worth their while. And you’d be right tiny brothers and sisters! But fate threw me another line. I tagged along with my friend to pick up the wedding cake. Which happened to be in the middle of Tiny Bazaar. Where, just over the gates, beyond the oak trees there existed this strange land where there be dragons and witches and maidens fair. I speak of course of “Waterstones”. Well now, I entered this kingdom, with that friend I told you about earlier and went to town (in my tiny way I mean). Lemme show you what I picked up;



Again, a mixed bag but let me tell you something, I am genuinely excited about each and every one of these bad boys! Have any of you read any of these? I am really annoyed with myself because I took far too big a bite outta Netgalley so I am behind on that TBR but of these, I want to work through them in the following order- Mitchell, McEwan, Evans, Pullman. What do you think tiny booksters? Have ya’ll read of any of these already?

Here, I’ve added the blurbs for you if you’ve not already seen /read /heard of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, this was the best wedding I’ve ever attended! The bride was a beauty, the nights of celebration were colourful and delicious and I laughed to the point I needed quick access to the toilet…frequently… But the books might just be the most lasting remnant of this most momentous occasion.


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