The Tiny Book Haul

Booksters, we cannot deny our love for the physical book or our excitement at finding a pristine copy of a classic at a Christmas book fair! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but love for all our e-reader friends. I myself have a kindle for NetGalley and long-stay-low-luggage situations.  But the feel of a crisp new paperback or the stately importance of a hardback is an oddly specific one that only fellow bibliophiles truly understand…and accept without judgement…right?

Anyway, the point is, like most of you, I love coming into new books but a real book haul, of real haularific proportions, is not something my life can do justice to right now. First and foremost, I just don’t have the time I wish I did to peruse the quaint bookshops along the Champs-Élysées (My name for the charity shop stretch just off the high street). So when I do manage to find more than one book during the same day, it is officially called a Tiny Book Haul or a Tikaul (Pronounced “Tickle” (**,) Actually, It’s probably best I spell it that way too…). Today was just such a day tiny folks!

Whilst accompanying a family member at a doctor’s appointment I actually managed to have a rummage through the St. Catherine’s Hospice bookshelf in the corner of the waiting room. As luck would have it, I had exactly £1.50 and found THREE, that’s THREE WHOLE books I found that I simply couldn’t live without anymore (the 6 minutes I had to wait was quite long enough!). If you have read any of these, I definitely want to hear your thoughts on them.

  1. The Napoleon of Notting Hill; G. K. Chesterton.
  2. Lady of the Rivers; P. Gregory.
  3. The River King; A. Hoffman.
Undercover shot of the waiting room bookcase…


Now, this would have been enough to put a spring in my step and I assure you I was quite literally skipping rather stupidly on my way home. When, lo! What-ho!  Upon my return I’m startled by a rapping at the door only to receive that Book & a Brew subscription box I ordered 10 days past! Well, now little people of Tiny Wood, I can tell you this was much cause for celebration and celebrate I did!


That’s right, I painted my nails! And I shall be making a point of showing them off against the beautiful black cover of The Incorruptibles and the white tin of the Oteas, Fruiteas in lime and date…

In short, this was the tiniest of tickles but frankly, the best kind! If, like me, you don’t have the luxury of a sunny book haul, there’s no reason why you can’t make your day with a little ray of sunshine instead =)



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