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The Tiny Book Club

Here we’ll be exploring the fascinating worlds great minds have penned. So, if you’re ready, let’s journey around the corner, through the forest, under the bed, over the hills, out in the sticks, at the dinner table, on the treadmill, in the garden, between the sheets, behind the garages, up in the treetops, beneath the mountains, within the city, upon the river, above the clouds, across the street, into the keyhole and anywhere and everywhere else they care to take us…

At the wedding

I don’t like them. Please don’t get me wrong, I love the celebration of togetherness and commitment and love and all that other colourful stuff that goes with them. But I can witness all that beauty from the comfort of my own home via endless technological means in my P.J’s. The truth is, they are … Continue reading At the wedding

Panel 2

The Lit-Sit

What’s the situation in the big, wide, literary world? From local shindigs, book signings, sales and author readings to national and worldwide literary festivals. Catch up and keep up to date on the who’s whos and what’s news!


Panel 3

The Everyday Review

There are Shakespeare-tooters aplenty out there and frankly, that’s a canon we’re not even going to try loading. But there ARE regular Jo(e) Schmoes out there who harbour a creative genius that is worth showcasing. Even we proletariats can appreciate a good bit of talent…


Panel 4

The Academooks

Was a close call between this and “Bookademics” but it sounded more like a disease to me? Here we’ll look at different theories, arguments, discussions and debates and discoveries in the academic world of literature (and language) and I’m not even sorry folks!